During last few decades China has been building everything what there is to be built on unprecedented scale. Incredible amounts of bridges, roads, residential buildings become real across the country especially in less developed western provinces. For at least a decade the pace of construction has sped up so much that there’s no single country even approaching the quantity of Chinese investments.

Construction worker collects metals from the rubble

This huge scale is represented by the amount of concrete consumed per year. USA which by now is still the biggest economic power used in 2020 102 million tons of cement whereas China consumed twenty times more that is 2 billion tons. Let’s have a look at another comparison. India which has almost the same population as China and is also a country with significant rate of development. India in the same year consumed 327 million tons which is just one sixth of what was used by the Chinese. Huge numbers, hard to imagine? One representation of this construction frenzy is that China in years 2011-2013 consumed more cement than USA in the whole 20th century. Crazy quantities and numbers but how does it look from the perspective of a regular person?

A boy cycles through demolished neighborhood

I spent a few days to walk around the city where I live which is an average size city according to Chinese standards, but still I can see new buildings being erected every corner, every step. Literally everywhere I go there’s something being destroyed or constructed. Have a look at the gallery.